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Quatrain - Sharon Shinn I'm so happy I read this book finally, these stories were so entertaining! Flight made me very excited to finally read the Samaria books, but by itself it was a very good story and seemed really well-rounded for a new reader. I was confused at first while reading Blood, never having read the other book where the story takes place, but it pulled me in after awhile. I'll definitely be checking out some of her other books. In Gold I was very happy to be back in the world where Summers at Castle Auburn took place, I didn't like Zara at first but she grew on me. Flame was just as I expected it to be: awesome. The Twelve Houses series were the first books I read by Sharon Shinn and I've loved them ever since; Senneth being my favorite of the group. So of course I had to get this book to read about her adventures before Mystic and Rider begins, and I wasn't disappointed; I loved the extra info we got about her in this book, and I love that Kirra and Donnal make an appearance too! If I didn't have so many other books to read I would be re reading the Twelve Houses books right now.