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Reader and Raelynx (Twelve Houses Series #4)

Reader and Raelynx  - Sharon Shinn Such a great book! Just finished it today and I loved it as much if not more than the others. Even though the other books have been in the perspective of different people each time I still love Senneth the best and I make sure to look and see if her name is there. I love seeing her and Tayse together, and seeing their relationship progress and strengthen. I hope she gets pregnant in the next book, since Ellynor already is, and I want Kirra and Donnal to get married; that would make the conclusion the best. And Cammon and Amalie! It's hilarious that Justin was right about Cammon falling in love with the unlikeliest person but they're so great together! I can't wait to get the next book and finish the series; I'm hoping the others will be in this book too even though it's about someone not from they're original group.